Imagine getting noticed first
every. single. time.

When you work in a referral-based business, your image and brand are what separate you from your competitors. Keep yourself top of mind for your clients with a tasteful closing gift.
Why get strategic about closing gifts?
#1: Become Memorable or Be Forgotten
Less than 10% of clients remember their realtor after 2 years, so the #1 reason they doesn't refer you is because THEY FORGOT YOU!
according to the National Association of Realtors
#2: Your Gifts Will Make You Money Back
What if you invested less than $100 in a closing gift, which led to an extra referral client? By giving a strategic gift, you just made more money!
#3: Show Your Clients That You Mean Quality
Do you want to take your business to new heights? Then send your clients a message that you will do whatever it takes to give them the best.
Our tastefully branded products
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How our system works
Get gifts shipped to you
No more running around town to pick up a last-minute gift. Your gifts are shipped to you in advance, so they're always ready to grab and go.

Doesn't affect cash flow
You can pay for your order in interest-free installments, so it doesn't affect your cash flow.
100% Tax Deductible*
Typically the IRS allows only $25 deductions for gifts, but because your gifts are engraved with your contact information, they're 100% tax-deductible as advertising. *Just consult your tax professional for the details.
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Ray Gomes
who is Ray gomes?
Ray Gomes is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and nationally ranked Cutco consultant.

His current coaches are JT Foxx, the World's #1 Business & Wealth Coach; and George Ross, New York real estate attorney and judge of The Apprentice.

Not only does Ray advise businesses on closing gift strategies, but he also coaches young Cutco representatives in their first position and continues to serve residential Cutco clients. Ray is proud to help students learn professional skills that will serve them for life. 

As seen on:

Ray has shown me about the idea of gifting in a business... at the end of the day, you can gift anything to anyone, but if they don't get remembered then it really doesn't matter. - JT Foxx

Celebrities that Ray knows, has interviewed, or has done business with

Bruce Buffer - UFC Announcer "It's time!"

George Ross - New York Real Estate Attorney & Judge of The Apprentice 

Jillian Michaels- Top fitness trainer & certified nutritionist

Toni Dovolani - Dancing with the Stars

Vivian Risi - Top Broker for Royal LePage Canada

JT Foxx - World's #1 Business & Wealth Coach

Paul Kazanofski - Real Estate Investor & TV Personality

Myron Allis - Top Boutique Marketer

Vikas Makani - TEDx Speaker and World's #1 Wisdom Coach

Christine Nielsen - Top Transformational Growth Consultant

Louis Bar & Laura Cantu - Pro Ballroom Dancers & Olympic Choreographer

Jeannie Klisiewicz - Ellen Degeneres show producer

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